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We are seeking nominations/self-nominations for the following board positions for 2023-2024. Please submit your nomination to Jim Haugh (haugh@rowan.edu)

  • Chair Elect (Must be from a Site)
  • School Representative (2-year term)
  • Site Representative
  • Diversity & Inclusion Representative (2-year term)
  • Student Representatives

Uniform Timeline and Match Guidelines, 2023-24

Important Dates 2023-24


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How to register your practicum site on the PENDELDOT searchable directory (Deadline Nov. 13th, 2024)

Template for Practicum Placement/Site Description

Sample Informed Consent to return to in-person work

Resources for Multicultural Education and Diversity

Suggested Parental Leave Policy

Board Members2021-20222022-20232023-24
ChairPhil Fizur, PhDJim Haugh, Ph.D.
Chair ElectJim Haugh, Ph.D.
Past ChairConnie Hoyos Nervi, PsyDPhil Fizur, Psy.D.
School Representative (PhD) 2-year termJim Haugh PhD
School Representative (PsyD) 2-year termDiane Menago, PsyDDiane Menago, PsyD
Site Representative 2-year termSherira Fernandes, PhDSherira Fernandes, PhD
Site RepresentativeSheryl Bernardinelli, PsyD
Diversity and Inclusion Representative (2 year term)Courtney McCuen-Wurst, PsyD
Student Representatives Brooke Goldsmith, Zhanttal Castro (Immaculata), Adessa Flack (West Chester), Melanie French (Temple), Kelly Freund (PCOM), Anika Khan (UPenn), Demi Maglio (Lasalle), Sheila Rouzitalab (Rutgers), Zach Weaver (West Chester)Hailey Ellingson & Shannon Hiscock (West Chester University); Brooke Goldsmith (PCOM); Michelle Clark (Immaculata);