Uniform Timeline

Download the Latest Coversheet and Match Agreement

Important Dates

  • November 1st-15th, 2020: Sites should UPDATE the descriptions of their externships on the portal http://pendeldot.apa.org
  • January 9th -22nd : Application window for students to submit applications
  • January 25th: Sites can begin to contact students to schedule interviews
  • February 1st-26th: Interview period
  • March 8th: Match Day* (This decision aligns with NYNJADOT)

Pre-application Guidelines

For DCTs

  • Discuss and advise students regarding training needs and plans prior to preparing and submitting applications
  • Introduce PENDELDOT portal and guidelines to students: http://pendeldot.apa.org
  • Inform students about the deadlines and reinforce rules in this agreement
  • Let students know that they must sign the Match Agreement Letter and abide by PENDELDOT guidelines
  • Make sure students have ranked their sites in order of preference before Match Day so they are prepared to make decisions regarding offers made

For Students

  • Register for the online portal http://pendeldot.apa.org
  • Research sites of interest and prepare your application materials (Cover letter & CV are required for all sites. Some sites also request supplementary materials like letters of recommendation, a case study and/or an assessment report)
  • Sign the practicum Match Agreement Letter indicating you will not to accept any offers (i.e. from participating and non-participating practicum sites) prior to Match Day
  • Prepare one PDF document for each site. This PDF should contain all of the application materials for that site. Some sites will want you to include your letters of recommendation in this document. Other sites may request that your letters be mailed or emailed directly to them. If sites want these letters mailed or emailed they must indicate where these should be sent in their profile description.

For Practicum Sites

  • Post up-to-dated information about your externship on the PENDELDOT APA Directory at http://pendeldot.apa.org on or before November 15th
  • Please include any COVID-19 related updates in your site’s description
  • Interviews are expected to be conducted virtually. If you require an in-person interview this must be specified in your site description.

Application Guidelines

  • Applications may be submitted between January 9 and January 22 at 5pm
  • Applicants should not to wait until the last minute to submit applications; externship sites should not penalize applicants for submitting their materials close to the deadline.
  • Application materials are to be uploaded to the portal as ONE PDF document per site.
    • Sites commonly request that applications include the following:
      • Cover letter
      • CV
      • Some sites may request a work sample (case study and/or assessment)
      • If the site wants letters of recommendations mailed or emailed (rather than being viewed and submitted by the student as part of their PDF) sites must indicate where these letters should be submitted (email or mail contact)

Interviewing Guidelines

  • Practicum sites may start contacting students to schedule interviews on January 25, 2021.
  • All interviews should be concluded by the end of the day Friday February 26th, 2021.
  • No offers may be made to students during the interview process.
  • Normative, enthusiastic and collegial communication indicating that a student is a good fit is allowed, but formal offers are not.
  • Students interviewing at participating sites may not accept any practicum placement offer prior to Match Day, including offers from non-participating sites.

Match Day Guidelines

  • Students should rank their sites in order of preference before the morning of the match. This way, they can make decisions about accepting, declining or holding a site more decisively on Match Day.
  • Students are encouraged to negotiate with their current training sites, professors, etc. to maximize their availability on Match Day.
  • Students should check their Spam/Junk folders frequently on Match Day. Students are encouraged to use their school email address since this may reduce the incidence of emails going to spam folders.
  • Match Day begins at 9am on Monday morning, March 8, 2021 and ends the same day at 5 p.m.
  • Training directors may send emails out slightly earlier in the morning (say at 8:30 a.m.) to accommodate other responsibilities
  • Students have until 11 a.m. to respond to those initial offers. Every student who has been interviewed should be notified whether they are getting an offer, are on the waitlist, or are no longer under consideration.
  • All communications during Match Day between graduate students and practicum sites concerning the acceptance, decline, or hold of an offer must be conducted by e-mail and should cc the trainee’s DCT. Sites may not make phone calls until an offer has been accepted.
  • Students have a two-hour window (from the time the email was SENT by the site) in which to respond to the initial round of emails. The reply can be to accept, decline, or hold the offer. Students are encouraged to check the timestamps on their e-mail offers to verify the time the email offer was SENT. Students are responsible for checking spam and junk mail folders regularly during Match Day.
  • If a student receives an offer from their top ranked site, they are encouraged to accept it as soon as possible and immediately withdraw their application from all other sites still considering them as a candidate.
  • Students cannot hold multiple offers. If a student receives more than one offer, the student must immediately decline the less preferred site and accept or put their more preferred site on hold. The only exception to this is that students who are hoping to secure multiple practicum placements. These students may hold the same number of slots that they hope to end up with. For example, a student hoping to obtain two part-time (single day) practica on different days may hold two such offers at a time.
  • Practicum sites are free to make a next round of offers as soon as they receive any “no” response if they still have slots to fill. Again, students have two hours to respond to any fresh offer.
  • When sites fill their slots, they should immediately inform applicants who are on their waitlist that their slots have been filled and that they are no longer being considered. Sites may also want to update their site descriptions with a message at the top indicating they have filled all their slots.
  • The Match Day (Phase I) process will end on March 8, 2020 at 5 p.m. Any outstanding offers that have been made prior to that time will become null and void, giving students, schools and sites time to prepare for Phase II.

Phase II Guidelines

  • Phase II of the Match will begin at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.
  • The Match Coordinator email a list of all practicum sites with unfilled slots to DCT’s.
  • Interviews can take place from March 10, 2020 until March 24, 2020. There will then be a Match for Phase II on March 26, 2020 between 9a and 5p. Any students that remain unmatched and any sites with unfilled slots can then engage in a “Clearinghouse” process beginning on March 29th at 9a.

Other Guidelines

  • We recognize that some practicum sites are small, taking only one student every year or two and generally do not interview multiple candidates. These are often small practice settings with specialized expertise that is a particularly good match for a student’s unique research interests and training needs. Some graduate programs also have “in-house” practicum training with program faculty or external supervisors who are paid to teach a practicum course. Nothing in this consensus statement precludes students from pursuing such opportunities and such small and in-house practicum sites need not be required to participate in this uniform match timeline. However, graduate program DCTs and students are encouraged to inform such sites about this timeline. As more potential practicum sites become aware of these guidelines, the hope is that they will at least follow the same timeline and at best sign on to the agreement. Doctoral students who come from schools that do not conform to PENDELDOT may have different application processes and dates; however, PENDELDOT practicum sites are expected to abide by these guidelines. Please feel free to let PENDELDOT Board Members know if this becomes an issue or problems develop with a particular graduate program. Students should report any offers made prior to the beginning of Match Day or other inappropriate behavior by sites to their school’s DCT, who should feel free to involve the PENDELDOT board in informal resolution proceedings. Students should be aware that holding multiple offers simultaneously and any other comportment concerns will be reported to the school’s DCT.