How to register your practicum site the PENDELDOT searchable directory

*Deadline: November 13, 2024

APA is once again hosting the PENDELDOT online site directory and application. Site training directors should upload a new description (for new sites) or UPDATE existing site descriptions by November 15th.

Students will be able to search the platform for information about available externships and will apply through this directory. Supervisors can access all student materials application materials  (CV, cover letters, etc.) submitted through the platform.

Steps to upload a new site description:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “register”
  3. Click “externship coordinator”
  4. Fill in your info & then click “Register”
  5. Once registered:
  6. Click “post an externship”
  7. Click “buy” (It is FREE)
  8. Click “proceed to checkout” (You will not have to pay anything)
  9. Choose your populations served (scroll down & choose as many as you like)

Your Site/Externship Description

Below is a template showing the information that you will post in your externship description.

If you are updating from last year, please add a section related to COVID-19.

Provide description of Externship:

COVID Updates: Please use this space to describe any changes that your site has made in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. (Are students seeing clients in person with PPE? Are students working remotely? How is individual and/or group supervision conducted? How about didactics?

General information about the externship site:
Director of the Program:
Training Director, (degree):
URL for Externship Brochure:
Length of externship (in months):
Start Date:
End Date:
How many hours a week are expected of extern?:
Specialty tracks:
# of externs to be accepted for 2019-20:
Minimum level of readiness (any prior experiences or level of training required for applicants:
Do you provide a stipend? If so how much?:

Interviews: Interview process: Do you expect it to be virtual or in-person? May  include time frame and how decisions are made) Do you conduct individual and/or group interviews; case presentation, other information?:

Application: What application materials are required (i.e., cv, transcript, how many reference letters, case summary, test report, other?:

Intervention and Assessment:
Intervention training experiences offered: Estimate average number of individual patients that students will carry; estimate number of groups and other types of interventions. Offer description: 
Assessment training experiences commonly offered. Describe: 
Expected number of full assessment batteries completed during externship (defined as administration of a battery of standardized tests): 
Estimate # of integrated assessment reports per year: 
If offering Rorschach, which scoring systems used: 

Estimate hours/week of individual supervision: 
Estimated hours/week of group supervision: 
Estimated hour/week of didactics: 
Estimated co-therapy hours with supervisors: 
Context of didactics (seminars, Grand Rounds): 
Estimated informal open door “curbside” supervision: 
Describe direct supervision: 
Specify if observation occurs during intervention, assessment, consultation (audio, video, live in person (in treatment room, one-way mirror, live video stream):